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Trailer! April 3 Live event on the use of AI in Canadian politics

Season: 5 Episode: 5 Trailer [download this episode (MP3, 819KB)]

Get ready for a special live edition of Wonks and War Rooms! From deep fakes to detecting disinformation or harassment to voting predictions and sentiment analysis, AI-enabled technologies are playing an increasing role in democratic election processes. Join us on April 3 at 12 p.m. ET for a roundtable discussion on the use of artificial intelligence in politics. Our host Elizabeth Dubois, and a panel of experts in the fields of politics, public policy, and new technologies will help break down how artificial intelligence is being deployed in Canadian political contexts.

Guest panelists:


Episode Transcript: Trailer: April 3 Live event on the use of AI in Canadian politics

Read the transcript below or download a copy in the language of your choice:

Elizabeth: [00:00:04] Welcome to Wonks and War Rooms, where political communication theory meets on the ground strategy. I'm your host, Elizabeth Dubois. I'm an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa and a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center. My pronouns are she/her. Today, I've got a special announcement. Next week, instead of your regular Wednesday episode, we have a live recording on Monday, April 3rd, at noon Eastern Time. Join me and my guests for a chat about the use of AI in Canadian politics. I'll be chatting with Samantha Bradshaw, Wendy Chun, Suzie Dunn, Fenwick McKelvey, and Wendy Wong. We'll talk about the ways that AI, machine learning, and other forms of automation are integrated into campaigns and what we can expect in the next Canadian election.

You can find a registration link for this free event in the show notes below or over at Hope to see you there.

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