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About the Lab

​Based at the University of Ottawa, Pol Comm Tech is under the direction of the University Research Chair in Politics, Communication and Technology, Professor Elizabeth Dubois. Members include people from communication studies, political science, law, computer science, and more.

Join us as we explore, innovate, and make a difference in our fields.

Mission statement

The Pol Comm Tech Lab is an interdisciplinary academic research group that explores the intersections of politics, communication, and technology. Our research seeks to shed light on the various ways that digital technologies like social media and artificial intelligence shape political landscapes, journalism, and the media environment.


Pol Com Tech strives for excellence in research through methodological rigour and seeks to advance knowledge by developing innovative new methodological and theoretical approaches. We actively search out national and international research partners and work closely with other experts in our fields. Additionally, we work diligently to make our research available freely to the public and improve our capacity to engage in creative and novel knowledge mobilization efforts.


We are dedicated to learning and growing together, as a community. At Pol Comm Tech, we value the diversity of perspectives that individuals with different lived experiences and identities bring to the table, and we are steadfast in our commitment to fostering a space and inclusive space for everyone.

Headshot of Professor Elizabeth Dubois at her laptop

Meet the current and past members of Pol Comm Tech Lab

Headshot of Professor Elizabeth Dubois at her laptop

Learn about our commitments to ensuring an inclusive and safe space

Headshot of Professor Elizabeth Dubois at her laptop

See recent job postings for Pol Comm Tech Lab positions

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