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Networked Fourth Estate with Sherry Aske

Season: 2 Episode: 8

Sherry Aske, former CBC multimedia journalist, and Elizabeth chat about the fourth estate and the networked fourth estate. They dive into the origins of theories and the range of information producers that make up the networked fourth estate. Sherry and Elizabeth also reflect on the power dynamics at play between actors in the networked fourth estate and what that means for who gets heard in the current media environment.

Additional Resources

  • This open-access academic journal article by Yochai Benkler (2011) introduces the concept of the networked fourth estate.

  • Wikipedia provides a good sketch of the notion of the estates of the realm which is where the idea of the fourth estate comes from.

  • Elizabeth notes that Anonymous and WikiLeaks are groups connected to the networked fourth estate. Here is a recent summary of Anonymous's recent activities. Benkler discusses the role of WikiLeaks in the networked fourth estate in the journal article above.

  • Elizabeth also mentions previous episodes of the podcast on the high-choice media environment and assemblages.

  • Sherry references the Edelman Trust Barometer's gauge of the public's trust in news media.

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