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Introduction to Podcast Accessibility

Learn how to make your podcast accessible throughout its entire production cycle, including how to ensure content as user-friendly as possible for individuals with varying physical and psychological needs.

In this page:    Accessibility Workshop    |   Accessibility Handout

What is accessibility?

Making content accessible includes anticipating, identifying, reducing, removing, and preventing barriers that make it difficult for others to access, use, or learn from your content.

Increasing accessibility helps everyone, but some of the groups who will most benefit are:

  • people with cognitive differences (e.g., learning, processing, sensory)

  • people with physical differences (e.g., visual, hearing, motor),

  • people who use intermediary technologies and software (e.g., screen readers, eye gaze technologies), 

  • people with cultural differences (e.g., language, context), and

  • people without specialist knowledge of the topic.

Watch the workshop

This 90-minute webinar pairs educational instruction with guest panelists who share their experiences and answer questions.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the basics of podcast accessibility, including accessibility statements and audits;

  • Production considerations like sound mixing and working with guests; and

  • Publication considerations such as transcripts and accessible web content.  

Guest panelists:

Smiling headshot of Professor Elizabeth Dubois with plants in the background
Cover art for the podcast Wonks and War Rooms

Elizabeth Dubois

Host of the podcast Works and War Rooms

Smiling headshot of Professor Michael Geist
Cover art for the podcast Law Bytes

Michael Geist

Host of the podcast Law Bytes

Smiling headshot of Vinita Srivastava with a white brick wall in the background
Cover art for the podcast Don't Call Me Resilient

Vinita Srivastava

Host of the podcast Don't Call Me Resilient

Accessibility Workshop

[Please note that the workshop is in English.]

If you would like a copy of the slide deck used during this workshop, please Contact Us.

Accessbility Handout

Get the handout

This handout lists the content discussed during the workshop and provides links to additional readings and resources.


Feel free to save it to your computer for reference in the future.

Funding for the workshop and handout were made possible by a uOttawa Office of the Vice-President Research and Innovation (OVPRI) Knowledge Mobilization Grant via a Government of Canada SSHRC Exchange Grant.

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